Does anyone know who’s dog this is?  Yay we found the owner of this dog and he will be reunited with her tomorrow morning! Found in the Morris-Jumel Community Garden [457 West 162nd street NYC 10032] the afternoon of 9/25/2016. This dog was taken to ACC at about 6pm tonight for vet evaluation where he was identified as a tan and white shih tzu mix.

Today we learned that the owner of this cute little lapdog was shocked to see he was missing after tying him up on Broadway and eventually he wandered into our garden. His name has been changed at ACC to his given name Nemo and he will be going home tomorrow morning! Looks like he got a bath before going home he looks quite fluffy in the picture below.  A vet examination of the dog showed that he had actually already been neutered and his owner says Nemo is 13 years old.


Have a happy rest of your life, Nemo, I hope you come back to visit us the garden sometime soon! – this time come with your owner please!

This little boy was very well behaved and loved sitting on our laps and getting pet. He was also quite dirty, tired, dehydrated and hungry. There was something wrong with his back legs but he didn’t seem in pain.

We later learned he had only been wandering around for a few hours and that he has had something wrong with his back legs for a while

We guess Nemo won’t be tied up alone on the street for a while, what an adventure he had! We thank Furry Rascals pet supply store for connecting us to his owner.


Here’s a picture of Nemo after he got a bath at ACC, they seem to have used a filter, he is really more white and tan as in the first picture.

Please come to our 

Garden Tag Sale!


Clothing, books, toys and plenty of treasures and bargains will be available for purchase.

Prices 25¢ to $10 with markdowns on Sunday.


457 west 162nd street between Edgecombe and Amsterdam Avenues [C train to 163rd street]

All sale proceeds go to supporting the Morris-Jumel Community Garden.

If you would like to donate goods to the garden for the sale, please bring them on Saturday after 11am. Or contact us at


Bach in morrisjumel garden #makemusicny

above photo from a MMNY concert in the M-JCG years ago

On TUESDAY, JUNE 21st from 6-9 PM we will be holding a concert/Summer Solstice Celebration in the Garden as part of the Make Music New York Festival. This festival happens on the summer and winter solstices every year and celebrates the joy of music in our fair Big Apple.
The schedule includes a set with the indie-pop/folk band, “Starbird and the Phoenix” , along with a few other musical acts TBA. At 6 to start off the band will be playing some kid friendly tunes to celebrate my band’s contribution to “End NF;” an album which benefits adolescent brain cancer research.
If anyone else wants to bring food or drinks, that would be wonderful too. Let’s rejoice in the beauty of our garden, and each other! See you in the garden!

pictures coming soon!

Thanks to Citizens Committee for New York for our Composting Grant. Here’s our calculations for the past year:

Our 3 bin pallet compost bin holds 4 square feet of compostables, 50% is food waste and 50% is garden waste and leaves. We turned these bins 5-6 times since April 2015. Our collection bin holds approximately  4 feet square or 64 cubic feet of materials – which has cooked down to much less, especially as the weather has warmed.  Therefore conservatively estimating 64 cubic feet of compostables, multiplied by  5 compost turns, our three bin compost system has therefore diverted 320 cubic feet or about 12 cubic yards of compostables.

According to this calculator  1 cubic yard of compost is 800 pounds.  12 cubic yards of compostables might weigh around half the weight of finished compost. We therefore diverted approximately 4,800 pounds of organics from the waste stream in our open compost collection bin. The volume of finished compost cooked down in our removal bin usually ends up being about half of that, so we produced 6 cubic yards of compost which also weighed approximately 4,800 pounds. This compost went to amending the soil of garden plots and tree pits around the community. We will soon have a compost give-away to empty out this bin in preparation for building our new bins.

We collected approximately 100 cubic feet or 3.7 cubic yards of fall leaves in our browns holding bin. Using this calculator for dry leaves, we estimate that we diverted 1271 pounds of leaves from the waste stream. These leaves will eventually be mixed with greens throughout the year.


The gardening season is beginning soon, crocuses are up and other early flowers are poking green shoots through the recent snow. The Green Thumb Grow Together Conference is on March 19th, and our Monthly Garden Meetings and Open Hours begin on April 2. Here’s a list of meetings:

  1. April 2, 2016 noon in the garden
  2. May 7, 2016 noon in the garden
  3. June 4, 2016 noon in the garden
  4. July 2, 2016 noon in the garden
  5. August 6, 2016 noon in the garden
  6. September 3, 2016 noon in the garden
  7. October 1, 2016 noon in the garden

Please endeavor to be on time and dress for the weather. You must attend a meeting to become a garden friend and get on the waiting list for a plot. The waiting list for a plot is around 2 years. More on how to join the garden

From Saturday April 2 – Sunday October 31, 2016 the garden will be open Saturdays and Sundays from 12 -5pm (weather permitting). The garden will be open for many other unscheduled hours/days, anyone can visit when the garden is open. All visitors must be accompanied by a garden member or friend. See also our current by-laws.

Below: Photo by M-J Garden neighbor, BobGarden1

Art in the Garden 2015Everyone is invited to the 5th annual Art in the Garden!

Garden and local community members are invited to install 3-4 pieces of your art and/or schedule your performance at this garden show. Contact us at morrisjumelgarden [at] gmail [dot] com for details.

Bring your kids who will be making and displaying their art too!

Sunday October 18 12 -3pm [rain or shine]

Joseph Daniel Wilson Community Garden/Project Harmony
Across from 216 west 122nd street between Fredrick Douglass & Adam Clayton Powell Aves
A/C, D/B Subway  to 125th street 8th Avenue

In this workshop we will discuss challenges and advantages of composting through the fall and winter months. We will cover what is needed –including food waste, coffee grounds, fall leaves, water and air – to build a hot compost pile and discuss how to keep it active through the cold season. Attendees will receive information, handouts and instructions on composting and learn how to ‘cook’ enough finished compost for spring plantings.

Compost binsTogether we will turn and sift the piles in our newly-built concrete-block compost bin and examine what is interacting, living, decomposing in the bins and the composition of finished compost. In addition to discussing ways to keep the outdoor compost pile going through the cold, ice and snow we will also learn about incorporating indoor methods such as worm or vermi-composting and Bokashi food fermentation in the garden composting system.

While this is a hands-on workshop, attendees of all physical abilities and hands-off observers are welcome. Please dress appropriately for the weather and work if you intend to get your hands dirty. Bring your compostables!

This is part of a series of workshops supported by 2015 Composting Grants from Citizens Committee for New York City, the Manhattan Solid Waste Advisory Board (SWAB), and Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer.

The Morris-Jumel Community Garden & Make Music New York Present an

End of Summer Musical Celebration
FREE Music!
garden concertSaturday, September 5th, 6:30 PM
Morris Jumel Community Garden, 461 West 162nd St.
Courtney Bassett with David Linard & Shin Sakaino
& More Neighborhood Jazz Cats!

Thanks to everyone for bringing your compostables (greens) to the garden and covering them with leaves (browns).. Thanks also to those with muscle that pitched in to turn the compost. And thanks to the air, and rainwater for supplying the other two ingredients for a successful compost pile.

We stuck a thermometer into the compost pile the middle ‘cooking’ bin. The contents of the collecting bin (measuring around 4-5 cubic feet of organics) were turned into this one just last week, on Thursday August 20th.

140We were very pleased to see that the thermometer registered around 138 degrees! Now that’s a hot community compost pile! A hot compost pile [above 130 degrees] will break down organics very quickly and kill any weed seeds, plant diseases or pathogens remaining in the compost.

We haven’t yet purchased a compost thermometer; we just dug into the pile and stuck in a 4-5 inch long cheapo ‘meat’ thermometer, which can be purchased from the grocery store, and often found in 99cents stores.

If you want to bring your compostables to the garden, we are open Sat-Sun 12-5 the bin is in the back of the garden. The Collection Bin is the left/east bin next to the leaf bin. Please cover your donations with leaves.

If you need compost, we should have some available soon, though you’ll have to sift your own.

Composting Workshop July 2015 Everyone is invited to a composting workshop next weekend. Bring your compostables and questions! Master Composter, Ellen Belcher will teach you how to compost with food scraps, sawdust, garden waste, leaves, pallets and worms in the garden. We will also learn how to ferment dairy, grain and meat food waste using bokashi to create a compost accelerator at home or in the garden. Everyone will leave with instructions and plans and a good idea of the differences between each system. We will be mixing up a batch of bokashi grain and talking about plans for new composting bins to be built with the support of a Manhattan Borough President Compost Grant, which the garden recently received. We can also get out the measuring tape and calculate compost volume – which we did in our garden this April.

This is one of a series of compost workshops taught at the Morris Jumel and Joseph Daniel Wilson Community Gardens. Stay tuned for announcements of more workshops which will take place through October 2015. Contact MorrisJumelGarden [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

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