The Monte Calvario Colony is a group of feral cats named for the church next door that allows them to be fed in their parking lot.

These cats are un-adoptable and have been TNR ‘d (Trap, Neuter/Spay & Return). They live in and around the garden, and earn their keep by keeping rats out of the garden.

By the way, you can easily identify a cat that is part of a managed colony because after they are spayed/neutered and vacinated, they have their ear tipped. This is a world-wide practice for those caring for feral cats.

Here is a picture of Miss Betty and Cocoa Bean, litter-mates who are always together. They were probably born in the garden to Mamita, but like many teenage daughters, they tolerate, but don’t really like to hang out with their mom.

However, during the winter months, the cats snuggle together on cold nights in warm shelters filled with straw.  This year their shelters are set up in an abandoned play house in a nearby abandoned lot.

This colony is registered with and supported by the Mayor’s Alliance for Animals – Feral Cat Initative and is cared for by neighborhood and garden members, especially Sheila -who is followed by the felines who love her every time she walks down the street!

If you want to help care for these cats, please contact the garden morrisjumelgarden [at]

The Alliance also offers assistance to those having trouble caring for their pet(s) here.