Last Frost Dates for New York State

While the garden is insulated by a blanket of snow, gardeners dream of Spring. This map shows that our last frost date will be before April 10th, meaning its now time to count backwards for those of us starting seedlings indoors.  Some seeds should be sown outside before the last frost date so check the seed packages.

We recently passed the date of Imbolic, a midpoint between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox marking the time that the day-length is long enough to support growing cold weather crops under cover.

The garden under a blanket of snow.

Hundreds of Spring bulbs, planted by Scott – our master gardener & vice president, are tucked under the ground and snow preparing for a beautiful early spring flowering. There’s been some snow-sowing of wildflower seeds too.

Footprints through the snow show that we are still composting, and with the spring thaw our bins should be heating up (if we keep covering our greens with browns and water or snow). Paw-prints and claw-prints show that we are also frequented by plenty of 4-footed and bird visitors too.

A very successful Gardeners’ Forum by the NYCCGC has set the agenda to make our garden along with hundreds others permanent by the end of 2010. And the Green Thumb Grow Together is scheduled for March 20th at Hostos Community College – which is where gardeners can attend hundreds of workshops about gardening and celebrate the start of the growing season together.