Morris-Jumel Community Garden May monthly meeting
May 1, 2010 @ noon in the garden.

weather predicted is sunny and over 80 degrees!

1. Voting in and welcoming new garden friends.
— collecting dues and contact information

2. Discussion – hanging bucket superstructure over the Church’s plot

3. New smaller starter plots (formerly the community box) price of membership.

Deteriorated boxes reconstruction plans.

5. Discussion about gardening/weeding in the periphery outside walls of garden plots.

6. Wood chip delivery – do we want one? Are we ready for it?

7. plan for mural painting on the fence.

8. GrowNYC  email – do we want Mother’s Day photographs in the garden?

9. Water committee report back

10. Urban Farm (triangle of 162/163/Amst/StNic) committee report back

11. Working on projects in the garden – tour of common plots with Scott.

12. Distribution of keys (note that in April 2010 the locks on the shed and front gate were changed and now are on the same key – please pick up a new key if you need one.)

After meeting:
Urban Farm Committee Meeting @ 2pm in the garden