Update: in August 2010 the garden members and friends decided not to become involved in this project.

The DOT plans to redesign a large intersection adjacent to the garden.  We have been asked to participate in the planting and upkeep of the proposed expanded Green Streets triangle below 162nd street on this plan. Here’s what the triangle looks like now on Google street view. Look for the updates below for the latest on this triangle:

http://www.streetsblog.org/2010/04/08/dot-plans-safer-st-nick-amsterdam-with-more-uptown-action-to-come/Update: There was  a meeting with DOT and Garden and other community members on Thursday June 24th

At that meeting it was agreed that community members, including the Morris-Jumel Community Garden will have some input in the planting design of this new expanded Green Streets triangle and have expressed an interest in maintaining it for the long term.

Sources for compost and garden soil, a water source and plants, shrubs and trees to get this triangle growing are still being worked out. We hope that NYC Parks will provide material support for this project to become a successful community green space to be enjoyed by all.

This street redesign was presented at Community Board 12 Transportation Committee earlier in the Spring. This redesign was discussed on StreetsBlog, which links to a PDF of the entire presentation. update: The CB12 T & T Committee’s Resolution requesting DOT to re route the traffic and thereby begin the upgrades and changes on St Nicholas & W 162 Street passed almost unanimously on Tuesday (6/22) evening.  So DOT work can now begin at this corner.

Update: we have been promised a new plan for this street-scape from DOT, and we will post it here when we get it.