PayPal Donate Button <<– Click on this button to make an online donation to the Morris-Jumel Community Garden Fence Fund!! Thank You!

Thanks to generous donations we now only need $325.00 $275.00 to build this 6 foot tall vinyl coated chain-link fence at the back of the garden

Look for our tag sale in mid May!

Also upcoming – work days to clear away the old fence and debris in advance of the fence builders arrival.

Thanks for your contributions! Keep them coming!

???????????????????????????Here’s a picture of what the new fence will look like

 Are you willing and able to help? Click on the button above or stop by the garden with your donation. Look for tag sales and other fundraising efforts in the near future. Email elbelcher (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to make a donation by other means.

 Here’s what the fence looked like in Fall 2013, looks worse now.