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we need $500.00 to match the money the garden has already raised to build a 6 foot tall vinyl coated chain-link fence.

Thanks for your contributions! Keep them coming!

???????????????????????????Here’s a picture of what the new fence will look like

 Are you willing and able to help? Click on the button above or stop by the garden with your donation. Look for tag sales and other fundraising efforts in the near future. Email elbelcher (at) gmail (dot) com if you want to make a donation by other means.

 Here’s what the fence looked like in Fall 2013, looks worse now.

Fence after Sandy 41

Since as long as anyone can remember, the back fence of the garden has been falling down.


No one knows when that rickety wooden fence was put up nor who installed it. Perhaps it’s as old as the garden, which is said to have been started in 1985.


It once was covered in poison ivy, and anyone working back there got it on them eventually. But hardworking, brave and very covered-up gardeners finally ripped that out by the roots and now we can all stop itching.


Now we just have the fence, or whats left of it, falling down bit by bit in each windstorm. Perhaps the poison ivy was what was holding it together?


We recently got some estimates for a new chain link fence, 6 foot tall. Seems we can get this done for less than $1,000.00.  Now we just have to find the money somewhere.

Does anyone want to donate to  help  us build a fence?


Behind that fence is a 20 foot drop into the empty lot that faces 163rd street.


We hope we can build this fence before it (or someone) falls into the lot below.Back view of the fence