Thanks to Bari, Audra and Stacey who went to the butterfly workshop we got another big haul of free plants for the garden that will attract butterflies to our garden and make it easy for them to mate / spin cocoons and become mothers, so its good these got planted on mother’s day.

For more on what these plants will grow to become and what butterflies they might attract to our garden see the NYC Butterfly Project.

Bari planted them in the common areas according to what does well in the sun or the shade. Here are some pictures showing what and where they are.

In the back area between the swing and the cat condo are aJoe-Pye Weed, Eupatorium  and three Gray’s Sedge, Carex GrayiImageImage

On the side underneath the olive tree are a white wood aster, blue wood sedge, geranium, and a blazing starSide-1

In the front in the area behind the larger side of the fence are a Honey Suckle (positioned on the side of the fence that is close to the church lot), Bee Balm, Monarda and a Sweet Pepper Bush, Clethra alnifolia ImageImage

They are  tagged / have tags in front of them so please be careful not to trample them, esp the ones under the olive tree. They needed to be placed in the ground and were done so in places that were empty. Please let them grow.

Hopefully well have lots of pretty butterflies this season! We are looking forward to it