Composting Workshop July 2015 Everyone is invited to a composting workshop next weekend. Bring your compostables and questions! Master Composter, Ellen Belcher will teach you how to compost with food scraps, sawdust, garden waste, leaves, pallets and worms in the garden. We will also learn how to ferment dairy, grain and meat food waste using bokashi to create a compost accelerator at home or in the garden. Everyone will leave with instructions and plans and a good idea of the differences between each system. We will be mixing up a batch of bokashi grain and talking about plans for new composting bins to be built with the support of a Manhattan Borough President Compost Grant, which the garden recently received. We can also get out the measuring tape and calculate compost volume – which we did in our garden this April.

This is one of a series of compost workshops taught at the Morris Jumel and Joseph Daniel Wilson Community Gardens. Stay tuned for announcements of more workshops which will take place through October 2015. Contact MorrisJumelGarden [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.