Does anyone know who’s dog this is?  Yay we found the owner of this dog and he will be reunited with her tomorrow morning! Found in the Morris-Jumel Community Garden [457 West 162nd street NYC 10032] the afternoon of 9/25/2016. This dog was taken to ACC at about 6pm tonight for vet evaluation where he was identified as a tan and white shih tzu mix.

Today we learned that the owner of this cute little lapdog was shocked to see he was missing after tying him up on Broadway and eventually he wandered into our garden. His name has been changed at ACC to his given name Nemo and he will be going home tomorrow morning! Looks like he got a bath before going home he looks quite fluffy in the picture below.  A vet examination of the dog showed that he had actually already been neutered and his owner says Nemo is 13 years old.


Have a happy rest of your life, Nemo, I hope you come back to visit us the garden sometime soon! – this time come with your owner please!

This little boy was very well behaved and loved sitting on our laps and getting pet. He was also quite dirty, tired, dehydrated and hungry. There was something wrong with his back legs but he didn’t seem in pain.

We later learned he had only been wandering around for a few hours and that he has had something wrong with his back legs for a while

We guess Nemo won’t be tied up alone on the street for a while, what an adventure he had! We thank Furry Rascals pet supply store for connecting us to his owner.


Here’s a picture of Nemo after he got a bath at ACC, they seem to have used a filter, he is really more white and tan as in the first picture.