Please note that as a NYC Community Garden, this garden also follows Green Thumb Garden Regulations

Current Garden By-Laws

(Italics=changes approved by membership vote in 2015)

1. New Memberships: Community members seeking to join the garden as members or friends will be selected from our waiting list and voted in. All potential box-holders should serve a minimum of one year as a friend of the garden before being considered for membership.

2. Membership Requirements: In order to be considered in good standing, existing members are required to: a) maintain their plots and surrounding area; members and friends b) must volunteer 5 hours a season to keep the garden open one day during posted open hours c) earn sweat equity on common areas and d) pay twenty-five dollars ($25.00) yearly dues. Garden friends, who are key holders but not plot holders are encouraged but not required to pay yearly dues. All garden box holding garden members must pay their garden dues on or before the July meeting

3. Meetings will be held at least once a month from April through September (open season).  All members will be notified of all meetings, rain dates and places.

4. Garden Plot Use: Plots and their contents are off limits to all but its owner or designate.  Violators of this rule risk their membership. A warning will be levied on owners/designates of unworked & unplanted boxes on May 1 and June 1. Boxes that remain unworked & unplanted by July 1 will be forfeited and offered to garden friends in waiting list order.

Common Areas constructions and storage of furniture or other objects in common areas are prohibited without prior consent by vote of approval by garden members and friends at a regular meeting.

5. Garden Plot Distribution: Plots becoming vacant will be offered for exchange to existing members in order of seniority.

6. Garden keys are not to be duplicated and or given to non- members.

7. Garden Finances: The Treasurer shall collect all monies, maintain and reconcile the garden bank account and a reserve of $200.  Disbursements other than petty cash shall approved by the members.

8.  A Calendar shall be maintained to reserve tables and facilities for gatherings.  A garden member must accompany all visitors.

9. Behavior of garden members, garden friends and guests:

a.) No alcohol or illegal substances. Garden members are also expected to avoid coming to the garden under the influence.

b.) Smokers shall be considerate of everyone in the garden.

c.) Offensive behavior by garden members, friends or guests, including under the influence of alcohol and other substances, will not be tolerated.

Definition: Offensive behavior consists of conduct that is disrespectful toward others, and includes acts of discrimination or mannerisms that reasonably constitute physical or verbal abuse or any form of violence such as hitting or pushing others, throwing things, yelling, threatening or demeaning tone, or spitting. The garden does not tolerate any form of discrimination and is committed to diversity in ethnicity, race, gender, class, sexual orientation and physical capacity.

e.) Any and all acts that compromise, jeopardize and pose any kind of risk to the independence of the garden, or threaten to do so, will not be tolerated. All garden members are expected to respect the garden’s autonomy at all times and shall not partake in any activity that violates or has the potential to violate the garden’s autonomy. Autonomy/independence of the garden is defined as keeping the garden separate from any outside entities. This means garden members can only represent themselves in the garden and not be a proxy for another entity, nor can garden members claim to represent the garden in any official capacity within outside settings without permission from the garden membership.

Individuals that violate any of the above will be asked to leave the garden and may risk a warning or expulsion from the garden as indicated by the seriousness of the offense. See bylaw 13.

10. Parties, Events: Solicitations, fund raisers and events shall be approved by the members. Event dates (including small parties and barbecues) if possible should be announced at monthly meetings and/or submitted in advance to the Garden Secretary. If possible, the garden gate should remain open during all events -except after dusk. All sound systems at parties will be turned off at 11:30pm.  No more than 30 people at a party is allowed. Party sponsors are responsible for cleaning up after their parties within 24 hours, especially garbage and recycling, which must be bagged and removed from the garden.

11. Garden Voting: All issues, decisions and motions are open for discussion and decided by a simple majority of all members & garden friends, present or absent at the meeting. As of April 2015, 40 potential voting garden members and friends were on the garden contact list.

12.Elections: shall be held every two years for the office of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

13. Violations, Warnings, Expulsion: If a member or friend is found to be in violation of any of the above by-laws, he/she will be issued a warning. Any board member, garden member or friend can recommend a warning at a monthly or emergency meeting. If the warning is disputed, the warning will be discussed and subject to a vote. Members have 30 days to correct routine violations. Members can accrue up to three warnings. Garden members with 3 uncorrected violations against them will be on the agenda at the next garden meeting for a vote by the membership to decide if he/she will lose gardening privileges. Uncorrected warnings will carry over to the next season. Removed members can submit their names to be placed at the bottom of the year’s waiting list.

Loss of gardening privileges is defined as forfeiture of garden access, such as giving up garden key; loss of right to garden in box; permanent removal from the garden box wait list; permanent removal from the garden friends list; and possible banishment from the garden, depending on the seriousness of the violations. Serious violations of by-law 9 may result in discussion of immediate expulsion from the garden as discussed and voted upon at the next meeting.